Michigan "Mysteries"


  1. With your partner and Mr. Whitmer, pick a Michigan dstination you already know about or one you would like to visit.
  2. Think of 3-4 text clues that you could give that would cleverly mention something important/interesting about your place. These clues might be about something you can do there, what you might see there, the history of the place, etc.
    • hear the roar of the crowd
    • take a swing at guessing this place
    • people go there all spring and summer long to have a ball!
  3. Find an image clue for the top of your page, just under the title. One that will give your visitor a clue to what they could do/see at your place, but not such an obvious clue that it is a giveaway. Ex. If you are doing Tiger stadium, a picture of the stadium would be a total give away. A picture of a ball or bat or hotdog, might be more tricky to figure out
  4. When you finish the project you can visit your classmates' pages and guess their locations (later we will post our guesses in the discussion/comments section.
  5. Options: Detroit, Mackinac Island, Lake _, DIA, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Isle Royale National Park, Birmingham, Petoskey, Ludington, Frankenmuth, Comerica Park, Mackinaw Bridge, Boyne Mountain, Greenfield Village and/or Henry Ford Museum,



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